award categories

These aren’t your everyday marketing and advertising awards.

We don’t want to see the work, know your strategy, or evaluate any performance results. We want to hear about your choices and your life. And how you’ve leveraged the flexibility of freelancing to unlock your passion, your mission, and your harmony.

freelancer of year

This award goes to the MVP who’s experienced incredible personal and professional growth through independent work, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, consistent commitment, and probably a little bit of magic, too.  

the liberation award

This award goes to a trailblazer who turned freelance into freedom and created the work and life existence they always wanted.

the survivor award

This award goes to a role model of resilience who’s used grit, strength, and self-belief to emerge from hardship and thrive as an independent marketer.

the renaissance award

This award goes to a shape-shifting, pivot and juggle superstar who’s reinvented their career through the fusion of independent work with new skills, endless humility and pursuing new passions, thanks to major versatility and serious multitasking chops. 

the greater good award

This award goes to someone who capitalizes on the flexibility of their freelance career to spend time serving the greater good of their community. This freelancer is channeling their gifts into something that makes our world a better place and creates a space of inclusion for humanity. 

the dynamic duo award

A pair of freelancers, a yin and yang who work together in the marketing industry to lift each other up, compliment each other and share job opportunities to elevate any project with their combined power and creativity.