award categories

These aren’t your everyday marketing and advertising awards.

Nope! We don’t want to see the work, know your strategy, or evaluate any performance results. These awards are about what really matters. We want to hear about your choices and your life. And how you’ve used work to unlock your passion, your mission, and your harmony.

the lifestyle award

Independent work has enabled a balanced and admirable lifestyle, requiring clear boundaries, discipline, and enviable prioritization skills.

the pivot award

Independent work has enabled a major career redirection, requiring a whole new set of skills and a whole lot of humility.

the multi-hyphenate award

Independent work has enabled the pursuit of multiple simultaneous career tracks, requiring daily versatility, and major multitasking chops.

the survivor award

Independent work has enabled emergence from a hardship or trying situation, requiring grit, personal fortitude, and self-belief.

the liberation award

Independent work has enabled realization of a better work/life existence, requiring a leap of self-awareness and bravery to the max.

freelancer of year

Independent work has enabled incredible personal and professional outcomes, requiring a progressive mindset, consistent commitment, a lot of self-care, and probably a little magic.